22 HORNET Ammo

Taking the name of the fierce, stinging, creature, the 22 Hornet is known as being one of the more powerful varmint cartridges. The 22 Hornet is capable of pushing a much heavier bullet at a much faster feet per second rate than the 22 Long Rifle, and even more so than the 22 Magnum. The 22 Hornet uses the more reliable centerfire cartridge design, over than the traditional rimfire 22 caliber rounds.

While the round may not be as potent as the 223 Remington, the round is capable of taking varmint with less noise, recoil, and can shorten the weapon’s action. Believe it or not, the 22 Hornet was also a military round for a short period of time, issued as a survival cartridge to be used by pilots. Oddly, 22 Hornet was labeled to “never be used against enemy combatants” due to their expanding nature.

The 22 Hornet is also known for its versatility in terms of loading capabilities. With loads ranging from the relatively lightweight 34-grain bullet to the heavier 46 grains loads, and capable of generating muzzle velocities from 2,500 feet per second to 3,100 feet per second. The round is a very popular in varmint hunting circles. Rifles manufactured by Winchester, Remington, Ruger, and CZ have had one model or another chambered in this cartridge. You can browse all of our 22 Hornet ammo for sale below:

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  1. 50rds - 22 Hornet Prvi Partizan 45gr. Soft Point Ammo

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  2. 20rds - 22 Hornet Sellier & Bellot 45gr. Full Metal Jacket Ammo

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  3. 25rds - 22 Hornet Hornady Varmint Express 35gr. V-Max Ammo

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  4. 20rds - 22 Hornet Sellier & Bellot 45gr. Soft Point Ammo

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  5. 50rds - 22 Hornet Winchester Super-X 46gr. JHP Ammo

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5 Item(s)