17 Remington ammunition was introduced in 1971 for the Remington 700 Rifles. The 17 Remington uses the very common 223 case as its parent case, necked down to 17 caliber. The round was initially designed as a smaller, faster, and lighter recoil varmint and predator round. The Remington 700 chambered in 17 Remington would be an excellent weapon for rabbits, raccoon, prairie dogs, and even larger game like coyotes and bobcats.

These rounds deliver a very flat trajectory, much flatter than the 223 round and a very high velocity. The 17 Remington’s light bullet weight contributes to it’s over four thousand feet per second velocity. This lightweight also contributes to the rounds sensitivity to wind, and increased drop over longer ranges. The 17 Remington is however an excellent, accurate, and low recoiling, and low volume round. The 17 Remington is one of the smallest, centerfire cartridges for full sized rifles. You can browse all our 17 Rem ammo for sale listed below:

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  1. 20rds - 17 Remington Premier 20gr. Accutip-V Polymer Tip Ammo 20rds - 17 Remington Premier 20gr. Accutip-V Polymer Tip Ammo

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