8mm STEYR Ammo

8mm Steyr ammo or 8mm Roth Steyr was adopted in 1907 for the Austrian cavalry. The 8mm Steyr cartridge was produced when automatic pistols were still in their infancy and land warfare was still revolving around the cavalry and the line troops. An early, but innovative pistol round, the Roth Steyr pistol was the first automatic pistol fielded by Austrian troops.

8mm Steyr bullets were traditionally a 113-grain projectile loaded in a cartridge capable of reaching 872 feet per second. At the time, that was quite fast for such a short and compact round. Modern loadings can even break the 1,000 feet per second level. The Roth pistol was actually a striker-fired pistol, the same type of firing mechanism firearms like Glock use. The 8mm Steyr is a surprisingly modern round when you take into consideration its design is over a century old.

The 8mm Roth Steyr and the Roth Steyr pistols are popular with collectors due to their varied history and rare nature. The Steyr Pistol is the only weapon chambered in the 8mm Roth Steyr cartridge. The 8mm Roth Steyr is still produced for collectors and enthusiasts. You can browse our in-stock line-up of 8mm Steyr ammo for sale below.

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