7.62 NAGANT Ammo

7.62 Nagant ammo is also referred to as 7.62x38mmR. The cartridge was the Soviet Union’s last service revolver cartridge to see use. The 7.62 Nagant is not to be confused with the 7.62x54R manufactured for the Soviet Mosin Nagant rifles. No, this ammo was created with an odd design, for an odd revolver. The 7.62 Nagant utilizes a bullet fully seated into the case, with the case crimped above the bullet. The revolver these rounds are fired from eliminates the gap between barrel and cylinder. This adds an additional 150 feet per second out of a revolver cartridge. This also means there is a gas seal the Nagant revolver is one of the few revolvers that can be utilized with a suppressor. A Nagant revolver fitted with a suppressor was found in the hand of Vietnam guerillas and is currently on display in the CIA headquarters.

The 7.62 Nagant round never found it’s way into a submachine gun for full production, but many prototypes were made. The 7.62 Nagant and the Nagant revolver were on their way out in favor of the semi-automatic Tokarev pistol, but due to the slow production of the Tokarev the Nagant revolver served throughout the second World War. and up until 1952 with the advent of the Makarov pistol. These days the round is found either s surplus or as modern reloads and is enjoyed by collectors of World War pistols and Russian weaponry. You can browse our in-stock line-up of bulk and specialty 7.62 Nagant ammo for sale below:

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