50 AE Ammo

50 A.E. ammo is a powerful, large caliber pistol round designed for the Desert Eagle. The 50 A.E. (Action Express) round has the dimension of 12.7 x 33mm, making the cartridge one of the largest automatic pistol cartridges The round is capable of producing an extremely heavy, but fast bullet. From a standard 6 inch barrel the round can reach up to 1,500 FPS with a 300 grain round.

The 50 A.E. round is an excellent hunting round that can take down most large game in the United States. The 50 A.E. round is an extremely powerful round and the power provides a very sharp and plentiful recoil. The 50 A.E. round is an awesome cartridge that nearly maximizes the potential of a pistol. Check out our in-stock line-up of 50 A.E. ammo for sale below:

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