32 S&W (Short) Ammo

32 S&W ammo was introduced in 1878 for the Smith and Wesson 1 and ½ Model revolver. The 32 S&W gained the "short" title after the 32 S&W Long was introduced. The 32 S&W short rounds were designed for short distance self-defense, in a revolver designed for concealment in a vest or a front pocket.

The small round was not know for either it’s exceptional accuracy or it’s stopping power, it did give people a small and easy to carry weapon for self-defense in a dangerous time when a full sized six shooter was not an option. The 32 S&W is still a popular round among enthusiasts of small antique revolvers. The 32 S&W can also be fired in revolver chambered in 32 S&W long.

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  1. 50rds - 32 S&W Winchester Super-X Black Powder Blanks 50rds - 32 S&W Winchester Super-X Black Powder Blanks

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