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Ammo cans are the perfect solution for long-term ammo storage or for just keeping your powder dry before your next trip to the range. We work to keep a steady supply of ammo cans in stock, from 30-cal ammo cans to larger 50-cal cans that'll easily hold a case of most calibers of ammunition.

Look for 30-cal, 50-cal as well as others, like Flambeau ammo cans and Plano storage solutions in stock and for sale.

Want to be more precise in terms of caliber capacity? No problem, a typical 30-cal ammo can will hold about the following number of rounds.

Please note: all round counts are approximate. Your configuration could allow you to fit more rounds or constrict you to less:

9mm: 1,300 rounds

45 ACP: 750 rounds

223: 500 rounds

7.62x39: 500 rounds

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  1. 1 - Mil-Spec 50 Cal Ammo Can - New M2A1 1 - Mil-Spec 50 Cal Ammo Can - New M2A1

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