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The 7.65x53mm Argentine is a centerfire, rimless, bottle-necked, .313 caliber, rifle cartridge originally designed to be used in the model 1889 Mauser Bolt Action Rifle. Both the rifle and cartridge were adopted by the Belgium military in 1889. Shortly thereafter, they were also adopted by several South American countries and thus, it served the Argentinean military for almost 100 years from the late 1800's until its service was discontinued in the late 1970's.

7.65 Argentine ammo offers ballistic performance that is very similar to the .308 Winchester cartridge. In fact, firing a 155 grain full metal jacketed, boat tailed, 7.65 Argentine bullet at 2,530 feet per second and a 174 grain FMJ-BT bullet at 2,460 feet per second, this cartridge produces 2,530 foot pounds and 2,340 foot-pounds of muzzle energy respectively. That performance will serve you well as a hunting bullet for smaller game species when preservation of the meat is desired and, when inexpensive military surplus ammunition is used, it serves as an excellent cartridge for "plinking" due to its relatively mild recoil. Check out our full metal jacket 7.65 Argentine ammo for sale below:

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