Soft Point

5.45x39 soft point ammunition was at one point of the most modern defensive and hunting loads on the planet. While the cartridge has fallen out of favor with the defensive crowd, and other options are available for hunters, soft point rifle ammo is still very popular around the world. 5.45x39mm soft point ammunition is often a solid design, with no hollow cavity that can sometimes affect accuracy along with a bullet that’s designed to expand upon contact with soft tissue.

5.45 soft point ammunition is an excellent idea due to the fact the cartridge is most often chambered in semi automatic weapons. Owed to its military design, the AK 74 is designed to fire FMJ cartridges, which the soft point mimics, but allows for deformation and expansion. The 5.45 soft point ammunition is an option for a defensive load, but is primarily used as a hunting round.

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