Military Surplus

Surplus 5.45x39 ammo is popular throughout the world as a cheap source of rifle rounds for use at the range. Although the Soviet Union is no more, many eastern European countries still use the AK 74 series of weapons and produce a lot of 5.45x39mm ammunition. 5.45 x 39 surplus ammunition is most commonly called 7N6 and when purchasing a spam can the user will surely see the broad 7N6 marking. This ammunition is a full metal jacket round, and has a bullet weight of 53 grains.

The most common surplus ammunition available is Russian, but Bulgarian follows at a close second. The way to determine manufacture is by the information provided on the wood crates or lids of spam cans. Ukrainian ammunition has dried up in recent years, but it can still be found here and there. Some countries, like Romania, still use the AK 47 and 7.62 cartridge so its unlikely to see ammunition from Romania is large numbers. Surplus ammunition sealed in a metal container can last nearly indefinitely with it common to find 40 year old ammo in circulation that works perfectly fine.

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