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22 Winchester Rimfire ammo is a small caliber, rimfire cartridge introduced for Winchester’s 1890 slide action rifle. 22 WRF is significantly more powerful than the 22 long rifle, and is capable of taking a variety of small game. However, it is not as accurate as the standard 22 long rifle. The 22 Winchester Rimfire did become popular for a short period and many rifle manufacturers began producing single shot rifles, these include Remington and Stevens rifles, in addition to the Winchester rifles.

The 22 long rifle received a significant upgrade it the early 1900s, that added several hundred feet per second to the round. The 22 Long rifle was also cheaper, which lead to an end for the 22 Winchester rimfire, at least in most mainstream shooting circles.

The 22 Winchester rimfire may not have reached a large following, but the round is still popular to owners of the unique Winchester 1890 Slide action rifle. The caliber can fire a 40 grain round at 1,440 feet per second. This little pump action rifle is a classic piece of Americana, and remains a popular collector’s weapon. The rifle has been replicated many times, but those desiring the real thing, the 22 Winchester Rimfire and the Slide fire rifle is the way to go.

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