22 Winchester Automatic Ammo

22 Winchester Automatic ammunition, also known as 22 Winchester auto, or the 22 Win Auto, is a round that was developed in 1903 for the Winchester 1903 semi automatic rifle. The 22 Winchester auto was never chambered in another firearm and has quickly become a favorite of gun collectors and Americana collectors. Today, the semi automatic rifle remains popular among a cult following always looking for a new run of 22 Winchester automatic.

The round was quite popular at the time, derived to ensure the Winchester 1903 rifle would function. Traditional 22 cartridges of the time utilized a filthy black powder that would quickly gum up the action of the Winchester 1903 rifles. The rifle’s tight tolerances demanded a clean firing round that would remain accurate, quiet, and low recoiling.

22 Winchester automatic matches the performance of a standard 22 Long rifle cartridge, but dimensionally the cartridge’s shell is quite a bit bigger. The two advantages of the 22 Win Auto was the fact it could push a slightly heavier round at the same velocity your standard 22 could. The second was the fact it was a semi-automatic rifle that offered a rapid method of follow up shots for small game hunting. The 22 Winchester automatic cartridge has remained a popular round for solely for it’s historical value. The round harkens back to a post war society beginning to adopt semi-automatic weapons en masse. You can look at all our in-stock bulk and specialty 22 Winchester Automatic ammo listed below:

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