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As part of the Barnaul Cartridge Plant JSC, Brown Bear is a reliable brand of ammunition for target shooting, hunting, and self defense. With a distinct case, reliable performance, and consistent value, Brown Bear remains a popular choice for many gun owners across the country.

Brown Bear is part of the “Bear” lineup from Barnaul, which also includes Golden Bear and Silver Bear ammunition.

Brown Bear ammo is identified by its lacquered steel case, which gives it a brown color, making it unique from many other brands of ammunition. These cartridges use Berdan primers, providing a long shelf life and a sure-fire ignition. With meticulous expectations for materials and construction, Brown Bear meets the specifications of even the most demanding military standards.

Brown Bear comes in ammunition for rifle, pistol, and military specs. The rifle ammunition is available in many different cartridges, including the .223 Remington, 7.62 x 39, and .308 Winchester. Most of the cartridges are available with soft-point bullets, but rifle owners can also find hollow point and full metal jacket rounds in various calibers.

The pistol ammunition from Brown Bear comes in 9mm Luger and 9 x 18 Makarov. They are available in full metal jacket rounds, creating superior performance for target shooting and competition events. By cycling smoothly and providing less fouling, these are excellent cartridges for high-volume target practice.

Brown Bear’s military spec ammunition is available in 7.62 x 39 rounds. They have a full metal jacket bullet, providing smooth feeding from the magazine to the chamber. This creates excellent results at the range.

The Barnaul company is one of the world’s best manufacturers of ammunition and industrial goods. Based in Russia, the plant has a history dating back to 1869. Built by Emperor Alexander I, the plant supplied Russian troops throughout both world wars. Although it was originally operated in St, Petersburg, the facility was moved to Barnaul when Nazi troops came close to seizing the equipment.

During the Cold War, the Barnaul facility maintained production but was finally successful when the collapse of the Soviet Union allowed for greater prosperity. It now supplies ammo to North America, Europe, and Asia, and remains the largest cartridge producer in Russia.

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