50rds - 7.62X39 Hornady 123gr. SST Polymer Tip Ammo

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  • Casing Type Steel
  • Bullet Weight 123 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU 8078
  • Muzzle Energy 1508
  • Muzzle Velocity 2350
  • Primer Type Berdan

This is 7.62X39 Hornady 123gr. SST Polymer Tip Ammo. This ammo features high-quality, lacquer-coated steel cases with non-corrosive berdan primers. Each cartridge is loaded with Hornady SST bullets and carefully chosen propellants, and all loading is done at the Hornady factory. Collectors and practical rifle enthusiasts will appreciate this round with its blistering speed of 2350 fps, this is a fantastic addition that will complement new and traditional rifles. This ammo comes packed 50rds. per box. 


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    This is the best I have ever shot thru my m4 shot quarter size groups at 100 yard with no miss fire I shot mostly hornady in all my long guns and hand guns to just wish they would sell to internet customs cuss. It hard to fine and when I do I buy as much as I can afford Great ammo

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    This is the best ammo I have shot thru my AR chamber in 762x39 it is a great round to hunt deer and hogs it drops them in there tracks it is now the only ammo I will used

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    This is the only ammo I will run through my Arsenal AK now...rounds are accurate and hot, stack em high and dry.

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    Great hunting round. Shot a big doe at 115 yrds out of my Mini-30. The bullet took out both lungs and part of heart. Good expansion and it went all the way out the other side. I did not recover bullet. The doe took about 5 steps and was done. I am sure this round would work well on big hogs also. I will be hunting again with the SST.

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    This ammo is HOT! I shoot a lot of 7.62x39 through my AK's but needed something high end to use with my Ruger Hawkeye M77 bolt action. I found exactly what I was looking for here. Great hunting round. Tons of power. Devastating round! Will be buying a 500 round lot shortly.

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    This ammo is great! You might think it's expensive, BUT, those are top of the line bullets and powder loaded in those steel cases, and they don't have 1/2" of polymer smeared all over them! Very smooth firing!! Fire a mag to check function, then stack up as much as the budget allows!

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