20rds - 410 Gauge Federal Personal Defense 2 1/2" #4 Shot Ammo



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  • Bullet Weight 7/16 oz.
  • Manufacturer SKU PD412JGE 4
  • Muzzle Velocity 950
  • Shot Material Lead

This is .410 Gauge Federal Personal Defense 2 1/2" 7/16oz. #4 Shot Ammo. The Judge from Taurus has emerged as a very popular handgun for Personal Defense. This specialized gun has been without a specialized load-until now. Federal introduces this 2-1/2" load designed especially for The Judge. A special hull design and optimal payloads make this load perfect for this gun. This ammo will also work in any 2 1/2" chamber 410 gauge shotgun. It is packed in 20rd. boxes.


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    I bought 4 boxes of this ammo for my Taurus judge public defender. I loaded the gun, cocked it, and fired. The gun wouldn't cock after the first shot, and I tried to fire it by trigger and it acted like it was jammed. I pushed the cylinder out and back in and then it fired. Is it the gun or is it the ammo? I would like a fix on this.

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