20rds - 308 Win. Right To Bear 130gr. TTSX Hot 'n Fast Ammo

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  • Casing Type Brass
  • Bullet Weight 130 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU R2B308130TTSXHF
  • Primer Type Boxer

This is .308 Win. Right To Bear 130gr. Barnes Tipped Triple Shock Hot 'n Fast Ammo. This world class ammunition was designed for hunting and defense work in semi-auto rifles. This round delivers massive energy transfer by the way of high velocity. The Barnes TTSX bullet is solid copper with a large polymer tip and will achieve double diameter bullet expansion. This new ammo is brass cased, boxer primed, non-magnetic and 100% non-corrosive. This ammo is made in the USA, manufactured by Right to Bear Ammo, a federally licensed manufacturer of ammunition. It is packed 20rds. per box. Muzzle Velocity: 3000 fps.


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    Always been a fan of the Barnes bullet because it works well on game. This is a great lower recoil load for younger hunters who we want to be successful. With proper bullet placement it will do the job, my 11 year old took a cow elk at 126 yards with a shot through the lungs. The bullet exited and the animal dropped in its tracks. Keep the shots within the hunters skill level and this load will do its job.

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    Shot a 235 pound hog this year with this round. Did NOT think it would penetrate completely, through both shields, along with a rib on the way in, and two on the way out. Granted, he was only 80 yds, but for 130 gr. bullet, and a tough, old, boar, I was really impressed. If the bullet would have been 165 gr., I would have expected it, but not with such a "light for caliber" round..! Keep it coming Right To Bear!!

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    This ammunition was consistent in weight and overall length. A pulled bullet being "all copper" had the length of a 150gr or better making it have a decent ballistic coefficient. Enough with the technical talk: stuff shot fantastic!

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    While this is not SMK ammo it surprised me with its accuracy @600yds. 3000fps was confirmed with my chrono and most was 3065-3080 fps. Too light to test further ranges but a blistering varmint or hog round. I will be buying more.

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