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10rds - 12 Gauge Hydro-Kinetic Liquid Filled Marking Beanbag Ammo [ALS1200]

This is 12 Gauge ALS Technologies Hydro-Kinetic Liquid Filled Marking Beanbags.  This ammo is manufactured by A.L.S. Technologies, the leader in Less Than Lethal and diversionary ammo. This is a 12 gauge round that direct fires a liquid-filled impact projectile with marking capabilities and behavior modification. Designed for single target engagement allowing escalation of force from a close distance prior to use of lethal means. The Hydro-Kinetic Impact Bag was developed to overcome the shortcomings of conventional bean bag ammunition. Fired from 6 feet to 25 feet, the Hydro-Kinetic Impact Bag produces a very painful stinging effect while reducing the chance of penetration to virtually none. Unlike  most conventional bean bag ammunition fired at distances closer than 21 feet, which has a potential for penetration. The Hydro-Kinetic Impact Bag was developed for close range, urban environment situations where penetration issues prevents someone from using conventional bean bag ammunition. Upon impact this ammo will leave a ultraviolet substance on the perpetrator that can be seen with a blacklight. This is used to identify the perpetrator in a crowd situation or if the perpetrator flees the scene and is apprehended later. This ammo is packed in 3rd. packs.

10rds - 12 Gauge Hydro-Kinetic Liquid Filled Marking Beanbag Ammo Click to enlarge

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