1 - Nikon 10x25mm Travelite Binoculars

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  • Manufacturer Nikon Optics
  • Manufacturer SKU 7278

This is Nikon 10x25mm Travelite Binoculars. Nikon 10x25 Travelite Compact Binoculars is the next-generation Travelite Binocular, fusing clear edge-to-edge viewing with a new body design for enhanced body ergonomics and durability. The lightweight body of Travelite Binoculars encases a rugged all metal chassis and is covered with a durable black rubber armor that provides added shock resistance and a positive grip in slippery conditions. Included is a ergonomically contoured, carbon fiber body which makes the Nikon Travelite easy to use for long viewing sessions without physical fatigue. Nikon consistently provides top quality products that are sure to please any outdoors lover for any binoculars application.

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