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            17 MACH 2
            17 HMR
            17 HORNET
            17 REMINGTON
            17 FIREBALL
            17 WIN SUPER MAG
            4.6X30mm HK
            5mm RIMFIRE MAGNUM
            FN 5.7
            204 RUGER
            221 FIREBALL
            22 HORNET
            218 BEE
            220 SWIFT
            .222 REM.
            .222 REM. MAG.
            22 SAVAGE HI-POWER
            22-250 REMINGTON
            .223 / 5.56
            .223 WSSM
            240 WEATHERBY
            .243 WSSM
            6MM REMINGTON
            6MM B.R. NORMA
            6.5MM - 284 NORMA
            250 SAVAGE
            25 WSSM
            .25-20 WINCHESTER
            25-35 WINCHESTER
            257 ROBERTS
            257 WEATHERBY MAGNUM
            260 REMINGTON
            264 WIN. MAG
            270 WINCHESTER
            .270 WSM
            .270 WEATHERBY
            280 ACKLEY IMPROVED
            280 REMINGTON
            284 WIN.
            32 SPECIAL
            32-20 WIN.
            325 WSM
            35 REMINGTON
            35 WHELEN
            30 REMINGTON AR
            30-30 WINCHESTER
            30 CARBINE
            300 AAC BLACKOUT
            300 H&H MAG
            300 RCM
            300 REM SA ULTRA MAG
            300 SAVAGE
            300 ULTRA MAG.
            300 WEATHERBY MAG
            300 WHISPER
            300 WIN. MAG
            300 WSM
            30-378 WEATHERBY
            6.8 SPC
            6.5X54 MANNLICHER SCH
            6.5X55 SWEDISH MAUSER
            6.5X57 MAUSER
            6.5 CREEDMOOR
            6.5 GRENDEL
            6.5 JAP
            6.5 CARCANO
            7x30 WATERS
            7mm MAUSER
            7mm REM MAG
            7mm STW
            7mm WEATHERBY
            7mm-08 REMINGTON
            7mm WSM
            7mm SA ULTRA MAG
            7mm ULTRA MAG
            7.5X54 FRENCH
            7.5X55 SWISS
            7.65 ARGENTINE
            7.7 JAP
            303 BRITISH
            38-55 WINCHESTER
            338 MARLIN EXPRESS
            338 LAPUA
            338 NORMA MAG
            338-378 WEATHERBY
            338 RCM
            338 RUM
            338 FEDERAL
            338 WIN. MAG
            340 WEATHERBY
            348 WINCHESTER
            356 WIN.
            358 WIN.
            370 SAKO MAGNUM
            375 RUM
            375 H&H MAG
            375 JDJ
            375 RUGER
            375 WIN
            376 STEYR
            378 WEATHERBY MAG
            .308 / 7.62 NATO
            308 MARLIN
            308 NORMA MAGNUM
            7.92X33 KURZ
            30 THOMPSON CENTER
            30-40 KRAG
            8 x 50R LEBEL
            8x56R MANNLICHER
            8mm MAUSER
            8X57 JR
            9.3 X 62mm MAUSER
            9.3X64mm BRENNEKE
            404 JEFFERY
            405 WIN.
            416 BARRETT
            416 REMINGTON MAGNUM
            416 RIGBY
            416 RUGER
            .444 MARLIN
            450 BUSHMASTER
            450 MARLIN
            450 NITRO EXPRESS
            458 SOCOM
            458 LOTT
            458 WINCHESTER MAG
            45-70 GOVT.
            .577/.450 MARTINI-HENRY
            460 WEATHERBY
            470 NE
            500 NITRO EXPRESS
            50 CAL. BMG
      Subsonic Ammo
      22 Rimfire/LR & Mag
      Shotgun Ammo
      Less Lethal Ammo
      Incendiary Ammo
      Incendiary Tracer Ammo
      Starburst Incendiary Ammo
      Super Incendiary (Raufoss)
      Tracer Ammo
      SS109 Incendiary Ammo
      SS109 Incendiary Tracer Ammo
      12 Gauge Specialty Ammo
      26.5mm Flare Guns/Flares
      37mm Launchers/37mm Ammo
      40mm Ammo
      Air Rifles
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      Survival/Camping Gear
      Tactical Gear
      Tactical Lights
      Tactical Pens
      Taxidermy Supplies
      Training Flash Bangs
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1 - Adventure Medical Kits Bighorn
1 - Adventure Medical Kits Bighorn
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20rds - 44 Mag Federal Power-Shok 240gr. JHP Ammo
20rds - 44 Mag Federal Power-Shok 240gr. JHP Ammo
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20rds - 221 Fireball Remington Premier 50gr. Accu-Tip-V Boat Tail Ammo
20rds - 221 Fireball Remington Premier 50gr. Accu-Tip-V Boat Tail Ammo
Click to enlarge

This is .221 Fireball Remington Premier 50gr. Accu-Tip-V Polymer Tip Boat Tail Ammo. This ammo combines superb flight characteristics and match-grade accuracy with a design optimized for explosive on-game results. At impact, AccuTip’s gold polymer tip is driven rearward causing the thin jacket and soft lead core to fragment violently. First and foremost, though, it gets there precisely shot after shot – it’s the most accurate varmint bullet you can shoot. This ammo comes packed in 20rds. per box.

For more detailed product specifications, please visit the manufacturers webpage.
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1.20rds - 221 Fireball Remington Premier 50gr. Accu-Tip-V Boat Tail Ammo
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