32 S&W LONG Ammo

32 S&W Long ammo is well over a hundred years old and was designed in 1896. The round was designed for Smith and Wesson’s first hand ejector revolver. The 32 S&W long was designed by lengthening the case on the 32 S&W. The 32 S&W long gained widespread fame when the New York City Police department, under Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt, adopted the Colt New Police revolver.

The 32 S&W long is known for it’s above average accuracy potential. The cartridge is accurate enough that high-end competition handguns can be found chambered in the cartridge. The 32 S&W Long was always a popular competition cartridge especially when pistol based bullseye competitions were popular.

These days, firearm enthusiasts interested in turn-of-the-century weaponry primarily fire the caliber. That means 32 S&W Long ammunition may find itself in “Zoot shoots”, in which only firearms from the dust bowl era of America are utilized. Still produced for collectors and enthusiasts in a variety of different loads, you’ll find 32 S&W Long ammo for sale here at ATG with a number of different bullet types, including competition favorite wadcutter rounds.

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  1. 50rds - 32 S&W Long Fiocchi 100gr. Lead Wadcutter Ammo


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  2. 50rds - 32 S&W Long Magtech 98gr. Lead Round Nose Ammo


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  3. 50rds - 32 S&W Long Magtech 98gr. Lead Wadcutter Ammo


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  4. 50rds - 32 S&W Long Magtech 98gr. Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo
  5. 50rds - 32 S&W Long Prvi Partizan 98gr. LRN Ammo


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  6. 500rds - 32 S&W Long Remington Target 98gr. LRN Ammo


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  7. 50rds - 32 S&W Long Remington Target 98gr. LRN Ammo


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  8. 50rds - 32 S&W Long Sellier & Bellot 100gr. Lead Wadcutter Ammo


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