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  • Hornady Critical Duty

    Hornady Critical Duty

    Choosing the right ammunition for your conceal-carry weapon and home-defense firearm can be difficult. With target-shooting rounds, you can basically select a budget-friendly box of bullets and head to the range. If they cycle with relative consistency, don’t harm your firearm, and deliver at least moderate accuracy, most gun owners are happy. But for personal

  • Hornady Critical Defense

    Hornady Critical Defense

    Hornady Critical Defense is a well-known and respected self-defense option among the shooting community. What sets this ammo apart from other options available? Let’s find out!

  • 45 ACP vs. 10mm

    45 ACP vs. 10mm

    Two larger pistol calibers that are sure to ignite strong feels from shooters interested in muzzle energy and stopping a threat – what’s your best bet between 45 ACP and 10mm?