• 45-70 Ballistics

    45-70 Ballistics

    Legendary for iconic lever action rifles, the 45-70 offers shooters more than just a good looking rifle for photos. Let’s explore all this caliber can do with a look at 45-70 ballistics, including velocity, energy and drop data for some of the most popular ammo loads available in the United States. Even a cursory examination

  • 22LR vs 25 ACP

    22LR vs 25 ACP

    A side by side look at two common pocket pistol calibers, the 22 LR vs 25 ACP. Which is a better bet for you and for self-defense?

  • 22LR vs 9mm

    22LR vs 9mm

    A side by side comparison of 22 long rifle versus 9mm. We’ll show you what separates these calibers from each other and which is better for your needs.