• What Is Ballistic Coefficient?

    What Is Ballistic Coefficient?

    You might have heard the term “ballistic coefficient” tossed around but how much do you know about it? Let’s explore how ballistic coefficient is calculated and how it could impact the next box of rifle ammunition you buy.

  • What is MOA and How to Use It

    What is MOA and How to Use It

    If you participate in target shooting or hunting with a scope, you need to understand MOA or minute-of-angle. This number can help you understand a rifle’s accuracy, and it’s also important if you want to “zero in” a scope. It might seem complex, but this is actually a simple measurement that makes shooting more fun and rewarding.

  • How To Mount A Rifle Scope

    How To Mount A Rifle Scope

    It’s a vital piece of equipment for any rifle shooting that’s even remotely long distance — join us as we walk through the steps involved in mounting a scope to your rifle.