• Bullet Grain & Bullet Weight – A Guide

    Bullet Grain & Bullet Weight – A Guide

    What was the weight of the last bullet you shot? If you’re like many shooters, you may have no idea. Sure, you know the caliber of the firearm, you may even know the general distance and speed. But that may be all. And that’s okay. Most gun owners don’t need to be experts on bullet

  • Understanding Twist Rate

    Understanding Twist Rate

    Twist rate plays a big role in shooting. In this article, we explore what it is and how to make sure you’re getting the most from it for accurate shots down range.

  • 357 Magnum vs 10mm

    357 Magnum vs 10mm

    Both the 357 magnum and the 10mm have earned a place in the hearts of self-defense shooters in America. But there are some big differences between the two calibers. So, what separates the 357 magnum vs. 10mm cartridge and why would you pick one over the other?