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  • 224 Valkyrie – Caliber Overview

    224 Valkyrie – Caliber Overview

    An in-depth look at the relatively young 224 Valkyrie caliber. This caliber guide should give you a good feel for the cartridge’s capability and if it’s a good fit for what you need in a rifle.

  • Steel vs Brass Ammo – What Should You Shoot?

    Steel vs Brass Ammo – What Should You Shoot?

    If you’re ammo shopping, it’s pretty common to see both steel cased and brass cased options. Let’s explore the differences each casing offers you as a shooter and if you should have a preference in the steel vs brass cased ammo debate.

  • Finding the Best First Handgun

    Finding the Best First Handgun

    What you should look for when trying to find the best first handgun to buy. We’ll take you through the traits and also give you some concrete recommendations.

  • 45-70 vs 30-30

    45-70 vs 30-30

    There’s just something special about lever action rifles.

    They may not be as technologically-advanced as modern semi-automatic rifles, but loading, cocking, and discharging a lever gun just…feels good. There’s really no better way to describe it. Hunting and shooting with a lever action rifle often seems more satisfying than any other pursuit.



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