• Hornady LeveRevolution

    Hornady LeveRevolution

    If you shoot or hunt with a long gun, odds are good you’ve seen Hornady LeveRevolution ammo on the shelves. What is so special about these rounds and how does Hornady make them ideal for lever action rifles? Let’s explore and find out!

  • Clint Eastwood Guns in Movies

    Clint Eastwood Guns in Movies

    Few people have had as much success in, and as much influence on, American cinema as Clint Eastwood. He found his breakthrough playing a quiet, dangerous, and clever drifter in Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns, and has given American pop culture (especially gun owners) some of its most famous movie quotes while also becoming a highly

  • Guns John Wayne Used in Movies

    Guns John Wayne Used in Movies

    John Wayne’s career in film is undeniably the stuff of legend. While he had the pleasure of working alongside some of Hollywood’s leading ladies of his generation, he also had a hand on some iconic firearms throughout his career. In this article, we take a look at some of John Wayne’s guns in his movies.

  • Double Action vs Single Action Pistols

    Double Action vs Single Action Pistols

    If you’ve ever shopped for a pistol, one of the first questions you’ve probably had to answer is if you want a double action or a single action firearm. It may not matter once you get to the range but there are certain factors that could have you happy you knew the differences between single and double action pistols before buying.