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  • 22LR vs 9mm

    22LR vs 9mm

    A side by side comparison of 22 long rifle versus 9mm. We’ll show you what separates these calibers from each other and which is better for your needs.

  • Hydrashok Ammunition

    Hydrashok Ammunition

    An article all about Federal’s popular line of Hydra-Shok self-defense ammunition. What makes this ammo a popular choice for concealed carriers and shooters interested in defense?

  • M2A1 vs. M2A2 Ammo Cans

    M2A1 vs. M2A2 Ammo Cans

    A side by side look at M2A1 vs M2A2 ammo cans including some torture testing to see just how much weight each can hold.

  • How to Reload a Shotgun

    How to Reload a Shotgun

    A 12 gauge is a powerful weapon. It has long been used in the woods and over water to put meat on the family table. It has also been a popular tool for home defense, hanging over the mantle of many a pioneer cabin. But in order to do any of it, you need to