• Survival 101: Rule of Three

    Survival 101: Rule of Three0

    The survival rule of three is a widely accepted guideline about how long you can go without certain necessities
    in an end of the world type scenario.

  • 12 Gauge vs. 16 Gauge

    12 Gauge vs. 16 Gauge0

    The 12 gauge might be the king of shotguns, but there are many useful gauges that you could add to your collection. A 16-gauge, for example, might not get the attention of other bores, but it is a useful tool for hunting and target shooting.

  • The Best Bullet for Deer Hunting

    The Best Bullet for Deer Hunting0

    Deer hunters make up the largest hunting culture in the world, with whitetails filling more freezers and adorning more walls than any other game animal. But there are seemingly as many different ammo and bullet options as there are hunters in the field each fall. So how do you determine the best bullets for deer hunting?