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    Alice Jones Webb

    Alice Jones Webb is a writer, long-time hunter, experienced shooter, and mother of 4 up-and-coming outdoor enthusiasts. She grew up flinging arrows and bullets at Virginia whitetails, turkey, and game birds, although her favorite hunting experience is chasing bull elk in the Colorado back country. She is also a self-defense instructor and competitive archer. Alice currently resides in rural North Carolina with her children, non-hunting husband, and a well-stocked chest freezer.

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  • Scent Control – Basics for Deer Hunters

    Scent Control – Basics for Deer Hunters

    Whitetails have magnificent noses, and they know how to use them. It’s hard to get anything by those sniffers. Research performed at Mississippi State University’s Deer Lab discovered a deer’s sense of smell can be up to 1,000 times more sensitive than the average human’s. With thousands of scent receptors, a deer’s nose can pick

  • Deer Hunting: After the Shot

    Deer Hunting: After the Shot

    A look at some tips after you take your shot while deer hunting. We’ll walk you through field dressing to processing your venison.