350 vs. 400 Legend – What’s the Difference?

350 legend next to 400 legend with ammo at a shooting range

A side-by-side comparison of 350 legend versus 400 legend. How do they stack up in terms of velocity, energy and other factors important to hunters?

Today’s hunters and hobby shooters are inundated with options.

There are new bullets, rifles, and techniques every year; it seems that no trade show is complete without at least one new cartridge. And of course, they will all “revolutionize” how you shoot and hunt.

Some fade quickly, while others carve a significant following and last for decades.

For 2023, one of the new options is the 400 Legend from Winchester. Designed to be a bigger, heavier version of the 350 Legend, this straight-wall cartridge is getting significant attention from the ammunition industry.

If you’ve heard about the 400 Legend, you probably have a few questions. What’s the purpose behind this round? How does it compare to the 350 Legend? When should I use the 400, and when is the 350 better?

We’ll answer those questions and more, but first let’s quickly look at the story behind the 350 Legend and the new 400 Legend…

350 Legend vs 400 Legend: What’s the Difference?

350 Legend400 Legend
Case TypeStraight WallStraight Wall
Bullet Diameter.357 inches.4005 inches
Neck Diameter.378 inches.4267 inches
Base Diameter.39 inches.44 inches
Case Length1.71 inches1.65 inches
Overall Length2.25 inches2.26 inches
Bullet Weights124 - 185 grains215 grain
Typical FirearmModern sporting rifles and bolt-action riflesModern sporting rifles and bolt-action rifles

In short, 350 Legend is a smaller cartridge than 400 legend. It’s slower and delivers less energy within a few hundred yards. Yet, there are more options on the market when it comes to firearms and ammo for 350 legend shooters right now.

Size, Shape, and Weight

350 legend ammo next to 400 legend ammo

The obvious difference is width. They have a similar profile (seeing how they are both straight wall) and have nearly the same overall length. But the 400 is clearly wider, which allows it to seat heavier bullets, a clear selling point for the 400 Legend vs the 350.

The 400 Legend, which is currently available in a single option, is fitted with a bullet weighing 215 grains. The 350 Legend packs bullets weighing up to 180 grains.

Variety and Availability

This likely won’t last, but as of now (Summer 2023) there is only one option for the 400 Legend: the 215-grain Power Point from Winchester. The 350 Legend, on the other hand, has established itself as a popular modern cartridge, so many manufacturers have adopted this round. Manufactures making 350 Legend ammo include Winchester, Barnes, Hornady, Federal Premium, Underwood, and Browning.

As of now, if you want a variety of cartridge options, the 350 Legend is a better choice. But don’t be surprised if more manufacturers start selling 400 Legend products.

350 Legend vs 400 Legend: Comparing Ballistics

While there are now a few different cartridges for 350 Legend, there is only one option for the 400 Legend. Therefore, we’ll keep this comparison as simple as possible by comparing the only apples-to-apples option we have: Winchester Power Point, which is the only available choice for the 400 Legend.

The 350 Legend Power Point from Winchester is available in 180 grain, which is among the heaviest options for this round. The 400 Legend is available in 215 grains.

Let’s see how they compare…


Muzzle Velocity (fps)200-Yard Velocity (fps)
350 Legend
180-grain Power Point
400 Legend
215-grain Power Point

You might assume that with a lighter bullet, the 180-grain 350 Legend would have faster velocity statistics than the 215-grain 400 Legend. However, the 400 Legend maintains slightly faster speeds at both the muzzle and downrange. This is likely due to the wider case, which allows for more propellant.

It’s not a massive victory, but the 400 Legend is, at first glance, the faster option.

Winner: 400 Legend


Muzzle Energy (ft-lbs)200-Yard Energy (ft-lbs)
350 Legend
180-grain Power Point
400 Legend
215-grain Power Point

With faster speeds and a heavier bullet, it’s no surprise that the 400 Legend delivers more power to the target. In this case, it’s clearly the more powerful option, as the muzzle energy is over 500 ft-lbs higher, while the 200-yard energy is over 200 ft-lbs higher.

The 400 Legend appears to be the superior choice for delivering effective energy to a target at 150 or 200 yards.

Winner: 400 Legend


Drop at 200 Yards (zero at 150)Drop at 300 Yards (zero at 150)
350 Legend
180-grain Power Point
5.5 inches29.5 inches
400 Legend
215-grain Power Point

A good shooter will compensate for drops in trajectory, but the 400 Legend may actually have better trajectories as well. Again, it’s not a huge difference. For example, the drop at 200 yards (5.5 and 4.9 inches) is hardly enough to influence a shooter’s decision. It’s another victory for the 400 Legend, but it’s far from a blowout.

Winner: 400 Legend

We have ballistic charts available with the most popular ammo options available here for 400 Legend and here for 350 Legend.

Which to Choose?

The author firing a 400 legend rifle at the range.

The 400 Legend is a newcomer to the shooting market, but by all accounts it will be an effective hunting round that could certainly gain traction. It’s slightly faster and slightly more accurate (for at least these two rounds), but it’s also significantly more powerful, giving hunters greater effective distance. For deer hunters who place shots at 200 yards, the 400 Legend is certainly worth a try.

That said, if you prefer the established reliability and market availability of the 350 Legend, you won’t be disappointed with this established cartridge.

How the “Legends” Were Born

Winchester released the 350 Legend in 2019 in response to a trend of state laws that made straight-wall cartridges legal for deer hunting. Places like Iowa and sections of Michigan and Minnesota do not allow traditional bottleneck cartridges for deer, but do allow hunters to use straight-wall cartridges. Before these laws, hunters in these regions were essentially limited to shotguns and bows.

Winchester released the 350 Legend, which was mostly used for AR-style rifles. It gained a strong popularity, but some users apparently wanted more power. Winchester, seeing a potential gap in the market, designed the 400 Legend.

In a way, the 400 is the younger but bigger sibling to the 350.

We have to give Winchester credit. Naming the cartridges “Legend” before they even hit the market is pretty bold. Whether they are truly legendary is yet to be decided, but, as we’ll see, both of these cartridges are certainly effective.

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