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    Alice Jones Webb

    Alice Jones Webb is a writer, long-time hunter, experienced shooter, and mother of 4 up-and-coming outdoor enthusiasts. She grew up flinging arrows and bullets at Virginia whitetails, turkey, and game birds, although her favorite hunting experience is chasing bull elk in the Colorado back country. She is also a self-defense instructor and competitive archer. Alice currently resides in rural North Carolina with her children, non-hunting husband, and a well-stocked chest freezer.

Author's Posts

  • What is a Muzzleloader?

    What is a Muzzleloader?

    Some muzzleloaders feature technology that’s centuries old but in today’s world they offer hunters an experience you won’t find anywhere else. What is a muzzleloader and is it something you should consider for your next hunt?

  • Getting Them Started – Deer Hunting for Kids

    Getting Them Started – Deer Hunting for Kids

    I feel incredibly lucky that I had a father willing to take me deer hunting. Those early experiences in the woods with my dad – scouting for signs of game, learning the woods, sitting side by side on a deer stand – shaped the person I am more than anything else. I am forever grateful