• Muzzle Energy Calculator & Guide

    Muzzle Energy Calculator & Guide

    As gun people, we often become obsessed with ballistic data, particularly with energy and velocity. It’s easy to understand why we get so deep into the numbers. Muzzle velocity and energy are often stamped right on ammo packaging. Muzzle energy is a prime comparative figure and could be the reason you pick one load over another. In this guide, we’ll examine why muzzle velocity is important and how you can use it to be a more effective hunter and more prepared self-defense shooter.

  • Silencer Guide with Decibel Level Testing

    Silencer Guide with Decibel Level Testing

    This project is a massive look at silencers with testing data that shows exactly what difference a suppressed firearm can make on your sound levels while shooting.

  • 38 Special vs. 357 Magnum

    38 Special vs. 357 Magnum

    Let’s take a look at what separates two common handgun calibers – 38 special vs. 357 magnum.