300 HAM’R vs 350 Legend

300 HAM'R vs 350 legend rifles and ammo at a shooting range

A side-by-side comparison of 350 Legend vs. 300 HAM’R. Which caliber is best for your next hunt?

We live in an era when new cartridges seem to come every week.

Engineers unleashed the .350 Legend, for example, in 2019, making it a virtual newborn in the ammunition. Even more recently, the .300 HAM’R, created by Wilson Combat, was an attempt to give AR users the same ballistics as a .30-30 Winchester.

If you’re considering one of these rounds, you need to understand numerous factors, including the market, ballistics, and your own personal goals for the cartridge.

We can’t decide for you, but we can help you understand the differences between the .350 Legend and the .300 HAM’R.

300 HAM’R vs 350 Legend

In short, the 350 Legend is a larger cartridge packing a heavier bullet. While typically slower, the 350 Legend’s delivers more energy downrange but the 300 HAM’R delivers a flatter trajectory at close and mid-ranges with lower recoil. Both are capable cartridges for most small and medium sized game in North America.

300 HAM’R vs 350 Legend: Specs Compared

.350 Legend.300 HAM’R
Case TypeStraight-wallNecked
Bullet Diameter.357 inches.309 inches
Neck Diameter.378 inches.332 inches
Base Diameter.390 inches.378 inches
Case Length1.71 inches1.595 inches
Overall Length2.25 inches2.26 inches
Case Capacity36.5 grains26 grains
Bullet Weights124-255 grains 110-150 grains
Typical FirearmBolt, breechload, and semiautomaticSemiautomatic rifles

Size and Weights

300 HAM'R ammo side by side with 350 legend ammo cartridges at a shooting range.

The table shows clear differences between these two cartridges. The .350 Legend is a larger cartridge in all factors. Not only does the round carry a wider and heavier bullet, it also has a wider case diameter and larger overall case capacity.

While there is a bit of overlap in bullet sizes, the .350 Legend typically carries bullets that are roughly 150 to 175 grains; the .300 HAM’R usually maxes out at roughly 150 grains. The .350 packs bullets as heavy as 255 grains, but these bullets are reserved for subsonic shooting and have much slower speeds.

Market, Rifles, and Use

.350 Legend ammo is not the most prevalent cartridge on the market, it does have a loyal following with strong support from ammo manufacturers. Makers like Hornady, Remington, Winchester, Browning, Underwood, and Barnes have at least one .350 Legend option.

So far, the .300 HAM’R ammo is limited to Wilson Combat, the manufacturer that led the development of this round.

There is also a difference in available rifles. Both can be loaded into semiautomatic weapons, but the .350 Legend, thanks to a longer track record, can be loaded into bolt-action rifles and even single-shot breechloaders.

There is also one important factor: straight-wall vs necked cartridges. If you live in a state where necked rounds are illegal for hunting but straight-wall is allowed, the .350 Legend is your best option.

.350 Legend vs .300 HAM’R Ballistics


Muzzle Velocity (fps)
350 Legend - Winchester 160 Gr. Power-Max2,225
350 Legend - Hornady 165 Gr. FTX2,200
350 Legend - Browning 124 Gr. FMJ2,500
350 Legend - Underwood 170 Gr. Triple Shock2,300
Average for 350 Leg.2,306
300 HAM'R - Hornady 110 Gr. V-MAX2,550
300 HAM'R - Lehigh 125 Gr. ME2,400
300 HAM'R - Wilson Combat 140 Gr. Speer 2,500
300 HAM'R - Wilson Combat 150 Gr. SST2,300
Average for 300 HAM'R2,437.50

The .300 HAM’R appears, at least in this small sample, to be the faster cartridge overall. Most of the HAM’R products were around 2,400 to 2,550, with the exception of the heavier 150-grain cartridge, which dropped to 2,300.

Only one of the .350 Legend rounds reached 2,500: the 124-grain product. The rest were at 2,300 or below.

Again, there is some overlap, but if muzzle speed is a concern you’ll be better served by the .300 HAM’R.

See in-depth 350 Legend ballistics data here. You can find a ballistics table for 300 HAM’R on this page.

Winner: .300 HAM’R

Energy Comparison

Muzzle Energy (ft-lbs)
350 Legend - Winchester 160 Gr. Power-Max1,759
350 Legend - Hornady 165 Gr. FTX1,773
350 Legend - Browning 124 Gr. FMJ1,721
350 Legend - Underwood 170 Gr. Triple Shock1,996
Average for 350 Leg.1,812
300 HAM'R - Hornady 110 Gr. V-MAX1,589
300 HAM'R - Lehigh 125 Gr. ME1,599
300 HAM'R - Wilson Combat 140 Gr. Speer 1,804
300 HAM'R - Wilson Combat 150 Gr. SST1,762
Average for 300 HAM'R1,688.50

With heavier bullets and a larger case (and speeds that are far from sluggish), it’s no surprise that the .350 Legend is more powerful. This is not to say that the .300 HAM’R is a weakling; with muzzle energies above 1,500 ft-lbs, it can be a capable hunting round for at least 100 yards, likely 200 yards for most mid-sized to small game animals.

The most powerful round in our small sample was the 170-grain .350 Legend from Underwood, which has a muzzle energy approaching 2,000 ft-lbs. The weakest was also the lightest: the 110-grain .300 HAM’R had a muzzle energy of 1,589 fps.

While the difference is not massive, the .350 Legend has greater power potential and can deliver higher energies to a target.

Winner: .350 Legend

Accuracy and Trajectory

The author firing 350 legend at the shooting range

With limited statistics for the .300 HAM’R, it’s hard to say which cartridge is more accurate. That said, it appears the .300 HAM’R will be more accurate and maintain a straight trajectory compared to the .350 Legend. So – with faster speeds and lighter bullets, the .300 HAM’R will maintain a straighter trajectory compared to the .350 Legend.


Shooters searching for a cartridge with lighter recoil will likely prefer the .300 HAM’R. We’ve found it’s much more manageable – especially when firing rounds in quick succession.

Other factors are at play, but muzzle energy is one of the most important elements for recoil; the higher the energy, in general, the greater the recoil. With lighter energies, the .300 HAM’R will likely be easier on your shoulder.

Choosing the .350 Legend or the .300 HAM’R

A 350 legend rifle on a shooting bench

If you are looking for a powerful, versatile round that can be used for hunting in any state, including states where necked rounds are prohibited, the .350 Legend will be your top option. Even if you live in an area where you can hunt with either type, the higher energies of the .350 Legend will be compelling.

But if you want an accurate cartridge that delivers speed and accuracy, one that is ideal for range shooting and can easily handle varmints, hogs, and medium-sized game, the .300 HAM’R is a fine choice. Within 150 yards, and possibly further, it can be a capable whitetail round as well.

No matter which is right for you, you’ll find the top-quality ammo you deserve at ammotogo.com. Visit our site and place your order today!

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