224 Valkyrie Ballistics

224 valkyrie ballistics with rifle and ammo at the range

A resource for shooters with 224 Valkyrie ballistics data. We include muzzle velocity, energy and bullet drop for the most popular 224 Valk loads available on the U.S. market.

The new kid on the block as of 2017, 224 Valkyrie has earned high praise right out of the gate as one of the best AR-platform calibers out there. To see, why let’s take a look at 224 Valkyrie ballistics and what can you expect with the cartridge.

224 Valkyrie Ballistic Chart

Barrel LengthMuzzle100 yds.200 yds.300 yds.400 yds.500 yds.Muzzle100 yds.200 yds.300 yds.400 yds.500 yds.Muzzle100 yds.200 yds.300 yds.400 yds.500 yds.(G1)(G7)Sect. Density
Federal American Eagle - 75 Gr. TMJ24300027632539232521221929149912721073900750619-1.51.50-6.9-20.4-
Hornady - 60 Gr. V-MAX2433002924257822581961169014511139885679512380-1.51.30-6.6-20-42.60.2650.1260.171
Hornady Black - 75 Gr. BTHP24300027612534231921141920149912691070896744614-1.51.50-7-20.4-41.70.3950.1940.214
Federal - 60 Gr. Nosler Ballistic2433002930258922731979171014511144893688522390-1.51.30-6.5-19.8-
Federal Fusion - 90 Gr. SP24270024912291210119191749145712401049882736611-1.520-8.8-25.2-51.40.4240.2130.255
Hornady Match - 88 Gr. ELD24267525132356220520601920139812341085950829720-1.520-8.3-23.7-47.40.5450.2740.251
Federal Gold Medal - 80 Gr. Berger242925271325122318213419581529131611279618146850.61.60-7.1-20.8-420.4410.226
Federal Gold Medal - 90 Gr. MatchKing2427002542238822412098196114571291114010038807680.81.90-8.1-23.2-45.90.5630.274
Federal - 60 Gr. V-MAX24320029232577225519581687145111388846785113790.31.30-6.5-20-42.80.2650.1260.171
Sierra Prairie Enemy - 69 Gr. BlitzKing24312528622614238021581948149612551047868713581-1.51.380-6.48-19.11-39.28
Federal - 78 Gr. TSX24285026112385217019661774140711819858156695450.71.80-8-23.3-47.70.383

.224 Valkyrie carbine with Federal Fusion ammo on a shooting bench

224 Valkyrie Fast Facts

  • Optimized for functionality in an AR-15, the 224 Valkyrie combines a blistering muzzle velocity and long, high ballistic coefficient projectile to deliver hair splitting accuracy.
  • With bullets that range in weight from 60 to 90 grains, the ballistic and terminal performance of the 224 Valkyrie is adaptable to meet the needs of the situation at hand.
  • Not simply for long range shooting and competition, the 224 Valkyrie offers a selection of hunting bullets and is becoming increasingly popular during deer season.
  • Offers comparatively low recoil courtesy of its .22 caliber projectile.

Federal designed the 224 Valkyrie to provide a long distance cartridge compatible with small platform Modern Sporting Rifles. In essence it features a 6.8 SPC casing (which is itself based on the 30 Remington) that is necked down to seat a .22 caliber bullet. Until the 224 Valkyrie’s arrival on the scene, long range competition was pretty much limited to large platform MSRs. Those rifles were chambered for rounds like 308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Recoil and Other Considerations

The 224 Valkyrie certainly shines in terms of recoil. Federal’s .22 caliber round generates as little as half as much recoil as the 6.5 Creedmoor. It may deliver only a quarter as much kick as a 308 Win’s 180 grain bullet.

The 224 Valkyrie’s bullet is inherently long, thin, and ballistically efficient. This naturally immunizes it against wind drift, helping it to hug its trajectory tighter until it reaches its target. It also helps it to preserve a greater part of its muzzle velocity downrange. The 224 Valkyrie is indeed a fast cartridge.

Precisely what kind of ballistic performance the 224 Valkyrie offers boils down to its bullet weight. On the light end of the spectrum, the round’s 60 grain V-MAX offers a 3,300 fps muzzle velocity and 0.265 ballistic coefficient. With a 90 grain soft point, the 224 Valkyrie’s muzzle velocity slows to 2,700 fps. With it, it’s ballistic coefficient rises to 0.424.

An 88 grain ELD Match, which is optimized for accuracy and not terminal performance, offers an impressive 0.545 BC!

How .224 Valkyrie Stacks Up

Looking down range behind a .224 valkyrie rifle

Compared to its rivals, the 224 Valkyrie’s trajectory lets it deliver some of the least bullet drop at a distance of 1,000 yards. (The 6.5 Creedmoor does still outperform the 224 Valkyrie in this singular comparison, although again its recoil is substantially greater.)

As you might expect, so potent a long distance target shooting and competition round also excels at hunting. The 224 Valkyrie’s high muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient enable it to preserve killing energy at several hundred yards. Its sectional density is adequate to penetrate to the depth where a medium-sized game animal’s vital organs lie. You probably wouldn’t want to test a 224 Valkyrie against a moose, but for whitetail and boar it’s a fine selection.

Other Attributes

  • Although the 224 Valkyrie’s bullet is the same diameter as a 223 Rem’s, its larger case demands a different bolt and barrel.
  • A barrel with a fast 1:7 rate of twist is adequate to stabilize the round’s heaviest bullets.
  • Inside of 500 yards, the 224 Valkyrie’s advantage over the 223 Rem may not be noticeable to the typical shooter.
  • It’s The only cartridge named after a creature from Norse mythology. At least for now. We’re waiting for somebody to release the 6.5 Jörmungandr or 300 Níðhöggr! 🙂

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