5rds - 12 Gauge DDupleks 2 3/4" 1oz Monolit Slug Shotgun Ammo

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  • Manufacturer SKU AM1228 monolite

This is 12 Gauge DDupleks 2 3/4" 1oz Monolit 28 Slug Ammo. This is a fast and accurate slug for long distance shooting. The slug body is made of steel and has a galvanized coating against corrosion. The recoil is short and soft, allowing fast aiming for the next accurate shot. It is especially suitable for semi-automatic shotguns. The slug is highly resistant against ricocheting and has an excellent capability to cut through various obstacles such as tree branches, bushes and dense grass. When shooting through obstacles - the slug retains initial trajectory well. On hitting the target, the slug ensures powerful impact. It does not disintegrate during the hit and therefore does not contaminate the meat product. This ammo comes packed in 5 round boxes/50boxes to a case.

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