500rds - 22LR CCI Quik-Shok 40gr Sub-Sonic Segmented Hollow Point

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CCI Ammunition 40 Grain Copper-Plated Segmented Hollow-Point (CPSHP) Ammo Details

This is .22 Long Rifle CCI Quik-Shok 40gr. Sub-Sonic Segmented Hollow Point Ammo. CCI's unique Quik-Shok Segmented Hollow-Point bullet is now available in a 22 Long Rifle subsonic load. This offering is ideal for bigger game that require a larger wound channel. The flat-shooting Quik-Shok Segmented Hollow point bullet is designed to break up into three sections on impact, which will give you more stopping power. These three segments diverge from the main path for a unique terminal performance on game. This subsonic load is great when hunting were a low noise round is needed. This ammo is packed in 50rd. boxes, 500rds. per brick.

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    Copper-Plated Segmented Hollow-Point (CPSHP)
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