20rds - 7.62x54R Starburst Incendiary ammo

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  • Manufacturer SKU STAR7.62X54R

This ammo is a yellow tip Incendiary ammo that will explode with a bright white flash and emit a shower of titanium sparks upon impact on steel or concrete. This ammo will burn a little hotter and give you more sparks and fragments, than regular incendiary ammo, due to the added Sponge Titanium in the Incendiary mixture in this ammo. It is visible day or night upon impact. It will burn at 4000 degrees when it hits a hard target. This is some extremely fun ammo to shoot and has a devastating impact. Use extreme caution when shooting this ammo, it will start fires when it explodes around flammable objects.


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    I bought one box of these and the price is out there but you absolutely get what u pay for. The result of one of these going off against 1/4" thick steel is a bigger hole and a shower of sparks. Haven't put em up against the running lawn mower yet but its in the works.... Definitely worth the buck that u pay for em with. 1..........10, I will give em a 9.90 the only knock is the price but well worth it anyways.

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