20rds - .223 Super Incendiary Ammo

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This ammo is manufactured by Northern Arizona Munitions (N.A.M.), which is a fully licensed and insured ammunition manufacturer. They have been manufacturing incendiary grade ammunition for 22 years. They manufacture the projectiles for this ammo from the ground up using custom made bullet jackets that are thin at the tip and thick at the base, so they will rip open easier upon impact with the target. The manufacturer has a limited amount of bullet jackets to make this ammo. This ammo has a chemical mixture that is very similar to the 50 cal. Raufoss and also has the sea green tip color. It contains Barium, Titanium Sponge, and Zirconium Sponge under the bullet jacket at the tip of the bullet. The Zirconium Sponge and bullet jacket is what separates this ammo from a regular Incendiary round. This ammo is designed to be shot into a hard target that will rip the bullet jacket open to expose the chemical mixture. Metal, concrete, and rocks will rip the jacket open the best to give you the optimum performance of this ammo. This ammo will give you twice the flash bang as regular Incendiary ammo. This ammo will burn at 5000 degrees at point of impact. Use EXTREME CAUTION, this ammo is highly flammable upon impact. This ammo is completely safe to shoot through your weapon.


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    Great Stuff, just make sure you are shooting heavy metal (disc brake rotors) not sheet metal (LP gas can)<br />
    <br />
    Way cool

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    Just got my box of goodies yesterday. Wow! these puppies are a riot! Must shoot against hard surface for them to work, like a concrete, steel, etc. They will turn heads at the range that is for sure, just make sure u can shoot them at your range b4 unloading. Great christmas gift!

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