1000pcs - 38 / 357 Cal .357" Dia Berry's 158gr. Plated FP Bullets


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  • Cost Per Round $0.10/ppr
  • Bullet Weight 158 Grain
  • Bullet Caliber 357 Mag, 38 Special
  • Bullet Diameter .357 Inches
  • Quantity 1000
  • Bullet Type Plated Flat Point
  • Manufacturer Berry's
  • Manufacturer SKU 00616
These .357 inch diameter projectiles are perfect for crafting .38 Special and .357 Magnum loads for plinking, training, and revolver-class match use! Berry's bullets are constructed using swaged lead cores which are electrically charged and bound with copper all the way around (including at the base) before being reshaped and measured to exacting criteria. This results in copper plated bullets which are stable up to 1,250 feet-per-second and leave almost no lead in your wheel-gun's barrel. This projectile's sloped ogive promotes seamless feeding into a cylinder while its flat point makes it safe for use in appropriately chambered lever-action rifles.

The flat point also serves to create cleaner holes in cardboard and paper targets which makes judgement a breeze and may even improve scoring in a competitive setting. With a weight of 158 grains, this bullet profile can be utilized to replicate many defense loads for .38 Spl or made to match low-recoiling target cartridges for NRA Bullseye. Berry's is a family-owned, American establishment which has over five decades of experience producing fine plated projectiles. Their cost-efficient processes and drive for innovation serve reloading enthusiasts with highly consistent products which fit a multitude of purposes.

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