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    David Lewis

    David is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt and shoot. A skilled videographer, he combines his passion for the outdoors with the ability to share information about ammunition here at the Lodge.

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  • Bullet Grain & Bullet Weight – A Guide

    Bullet Grain & Bullet Weight – A Guide

    What was the weight of the last bullet you shot? If you’re like many shooters, you may have no idea. Sure, you know the caliber of the firearm, you may even know the general distance and speed. But that may be all. And that’s okay. Most gun owners don’t need to be experts on bullet

  • 357 Magnum vs 10mm

    357 Magnum vs 10mm

    Both the 357 magnum and the 10mm have earned a place in the hearts of self-defense shooters in America. But there are some big differences between the two calibers. So, what separates the 357 magnum vs. 10mm cartridge and why would you pick one over the other?

  • Impact of Walmart Leaving Ammo

    Impact of Walmart Leaving Ammo

    There’s no denying Walmart was a behemoth in the ammo world. The Arkansas-based retailer sells somewhere around 20% of the ammo purchased in the United States, if you believe what their CEO told the world in a memo this week. Based on United States excise tax information, you can extrapolate that out to assume in

  • How To Mount A Rifle Scope

    How To Mount A Rifle Scope

    It’s a vital piece of equipment for any rifle shooting that’s even remotely long distance — join us as we walk through the steps involved in mounting a rifle scope.