Polymer Tip

30-30 Winchester with a polymer or Elastomer tip is a rimmed, bottle-necked, .30 caliber, rifle cartridge. The round itself has roots dating back to 1894. It started as a companion cartridge for the model '94 Winchester Lever Action Rifle. Until recently, hunters using this cartridge in lever action rifles with tubular magazines were restricted to using only flat nosed bullets in order to prevent an accidental discharge; thus limiting the 30-30 to little more than handgun ranges due to the bullet's poor ballistic coefficient. But, with the introduction of the new, elastomer, Flex Tip bullet by Hornaday, the venerable .30-30 Winchester has been vaulted into the realm of medium range performance because the new elastomer tips enable the bullet to be shaped liked a Spizter. This shape drastically improves its downrange performance. Plus, with both 140 grain and 160 grain bullets to choose from, the new elastomer tip .30-30 cartridge is sure to drastically improve the performance of your .30-30.

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Recent Polymer Tip Reviews

  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    Only factory loads i use great deer putter down
    Rudy Reinholz on 20rds – 30-30 Winchester Deer Season XP 150gr. Polymer Tip Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    I've been shooting this ammo for 7 years and I love it! One MOA accuracy in my Henry and lots of meat in the freezer. It's great for the East Texas woods
    Best 30-30 ammo around on 20rds - 30-30 Hornady LEVERevolution 160gr. FTX Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    Im not a hunter but have always enjoyed target shooting at long ranges. My Uncle started taking me to the out door ranges when i was a teen. Im almost 50 now and like to think im a pretty good shot. I have a Ruger mini-30 (7.62x39) a Remington 308 bolt action, and a model 96, 1960 Winchester 30:30 and its got the shortest range of the 3 rifles i mentioned.. Having said that, these rounds really changed the game on the range and flight characteristics of regular 30:30 ammo. It increases your range to about 250yds maybe a bit more if your good enough and the wind is kind to you...(this is at a range shooting from prone). I'm also one of these guys that made a special mount to hold a scope on the 30:30. Its top eject so the scope sits forward. (Ive been a machinist for 30 yrs and made my own mount...and no i didnt drill into the gun...it's a mint, pre 1964 model 96...im not crazy). Bottom line...i love this round. I know there will be doubters on the 250yrd range i have experienced.. Non the less this has been my experience with this ammo and my 30:30.
    Daniel on 20rds - 30-30 Hornady LEVERevolution 160gr. FTX Ammo
  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    There is no doubt that this is the hardest recoiling round I've put through my 336. But it's also the least affected round I have in this caliber by the wind. Shooting for groups, this stuff hits at the center line like a champ, where other brands get blown slightly left or right depending on the wind. It could make the difference...
    DJ on 20rds - 30-30 Hornady LEVERevolution 160gr. FTX Ammo