1 - Right To Bear .223 Cycling Subsonic 16" Upper Assembly (CS Upper)

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  • Manufacturer Right To Bear Ammo
  • Manufacturer SKU R2BCYCSUBUPPER

This is a Right To Bear .223 Cycling Subsonic 16" Upper Assembly. This is Right To Bear Ammo's new .223 Cycling Subsonic AR Upper Assembly (CS Upper). The CS Upper is intended to be a dedicated suppressed rifle. Attach your suppressor and leave it on as your “go to” gun for suppressed shooting.  Standard velocity ammunition is OK for emergency use. The 16” barrel requires a .223 or .308 sound suppressor for cycling to operate. Laser engraved receiver to identify and remind the user of its use. Free float quad rail to optimize accuracy and attach accessories. Nickel Boron bolt carrier and bolt. Custom made barrel, stamped RTBA SUBSONIC, 1/2x28 threads. Use this Cycling Subsonic system to shoot, hunt, or train without any hearing protection.  Go Silent!

This Upper requires Right To Bear .223 Subsonic Cycling Ammunition - http://www.ammunitiontogo.com/product_info.php/products_id/8783

*Copy of Photo ID required for purchase of any uppers.

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