8 lbs - Alliant Red Dot Shotgun Powder

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  • Manufacturer Alliant
  • Manufacturer SKU 150603
  • Powder Type Handgun, Shotgun
  • Powder Weight 8LB
Red Dot propellant from Aliiant is one of the most recognized choices for shotgun and pistol handloading in the United States. This propellant is an excellent choice for crafting light and standard loads for 12 gauge and 16 gauge sporting shells. Its economical price point not only makes it great for high volume clay-breaking shells but for load workup with common pistol calibers from .38 Special to .45 ACP.

With over 85 years of experience and feedback on the product, Alliant has constantly improved Red Dot powder for a focus on cleaner burning and consistent performance in every lot. Alliant Powders are manufactured and inspected using techniques and procedures developed throughout 125 years of industry leadership.


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    I have not seen any Red Dot powder locally for almost a year and a half now. When I saw this eight pound jug I jumped at it. For me, as a bullet caster and re-loader, its is the only powder I use for hand gun, shot gun and for cast bullet loads in my rifle. It is a very economical powder for target and close quarter game loads. It's clean burning too!

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