8 lbs – Hodgdon Hi-Skor 700-X Shotgun & Handgun Powder

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  • Manufacturer Hodgdon
  • Manufacturer SKU 97008
  • Powder Type Handgun, Shotgun
  • Powder Weight 8LB
Hodgdon Hi-Skor 700-X is an extruded flake powder with a formula specialized for light 12 and 16 gauge target shells. This propellant also performs excellent in popular low pressure pistol rounds like .45 Auto and .380 ACP.

Hi-Skor 700-X allows reloaders to pack high energy in a low volume charge and create low recoil shotshells for heavy training sessions without the subsequent visit to the chiropractor. Hodgdon is a U.S. manufacturer that is so well respected among the industry that their powders and projectiles are often chosen by other ammunition companies for use in their factory loads.

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