8 lbs – Hodgdon H322 Rifle Powder

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  • Manufacturer Hodgdon
  • Manufacturer SKU 3228
  • Powder Type Rifle
  • Powder Weight 8LB
Hodgdon H322 is designed and manufactured especially for use in small bore benchrest calibers like 6mm PPC, 7mm TCU, and .222 or .223 Remington. This propellant utilizes an ultra-fine grain texture which gives competitive reloaders an edge with pain-free loading and the most accurate scale measurements for consistent charge weight in every round.

In addition, H322 is part of Hodgdon's "Extreme" lineup of powders which all exhibit minimal deviation in velocity when ignited in a freezing or melting climate. H322 possesses unrivaled potential and is credited with more match wins than any other powder of the same class.

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