8 lbs – Alliant Bullseye Handgun Powder

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  • Manufacturer Alliant
  • Manufacturer SKU 150627
  • Powder Type Handgun
  • Powder Weight 8LB
Bullseye from Alliant Powder is one of the most well recognized propellants for handgun calibers across the nation. This powder is an economical choice for reloaders who want clean and consistent burns for greater overall accuracy in their custom loads.

Bullseye propellant is quite versatile and can be used to load common cartridges from .25 ACP to .45 Auto as well as cowboy action rounds like .44-40 Winchester and .32 S&W Long. Alliant's products are a standard of measure in the reloading industry and are manufactured, inspected, and tested using proven methods backed by over a century of experience.


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    Great powder and a great price what more is there

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    I use this the most in my handgun reloads. It is fast burning and is usually the one powder that uses the least amount. I bought this 8lbs because it is the first time I have seen in in over a year.

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