8 lbs – Accurate Nitro 100 NF Shotgun Powder

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  • Manufacturer Accurate
  • Manufacturer SKU 0498
  • Powder Type Shotgun
  • Powder Weight 8LB
This Nitro 100 shotgun powder from Accurate carries the NF (New Formulation) label which signifies improved powder flow and excellent burn characteristics which will give your custom shotshells increased velocity and tighter patterning at extended ranges. This is partially achieved by the use of flattened spherical grains which allow for more potential energy within a smaller charge volume.

Just like the classic Nitro 100, Nitro 100 NF propellant burns cleanly with little fouling left behind to crud up your favorite fouling piece. This cost efficient powder not only carries Accurate's brand name, but their legendary reputation for outstanding performance.

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