1 lb - Unique - Alliant Powder

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  • Manufacturer Alliant
  • Manufacturer SKU 150656
  • Powder Type Handgun, Shotgun
  • Powder Weight 1LB

Alliant's "Unique" is a versatile flake-type powder which is designed to fuel shotgun loads ranging from 12 and 20 gauge to 16 and 28 gauge shells. This smokeless propellant has been improved over the years in order to burn more cleanly and leave less residue in your favorite hunting and competition shotguns. A cleaner burn also means more complete consumption of powder for efficient propulsion and more effective muzzle velocity.

This powder is very flexible and often used for a variety of pistol loads like .38 Super, 9mm Luger, and and .44 Magnum as well as Cowboy Action loads such as .44-40 Winchester and .45 Long Colt. Unique's formula dates back to the year 1900 and is well-supported by industry tables, published literature and community experience.


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    I have been using this powder for may years for all my hand guns and found it to perform extremely well.

    It was a pleasure to work with Ammo To Go. They were very prompt in their delivery. I will us them again in the future.

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