1000pcs – CCI #500 Small Pistol Primers on APS Strips

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  • Manufacturer SKU 0078
  • Primer Type Small Pistol
CCI Primers are held in high regard by both reloading hobbyists and top brand ammunition manufacturers due to their legendary reliability and infallible performance. These #500 primers are "small pistol" size and are appropriate for common calibers like 9x19mm Luger and .38 Special. CCI builds these primers using a non-mercuric, clean-burning, highly sensitive ignition mixture for reliable function with every trigger pull. In addition, these primers are engineered with enlarged "hit zones" which are compatible with a wide range of antique, foreign, or custom firearms which may have odd striking patterns or worn firing pins.

These particular primers come loaded on APS strips which are color-coded white for standard pressure identification. The reusable plastic strips are compatible with RCBS priming tools and reloading equipment for safer and more efficient reloading at home. CCI primers are produced in Idaho and are backed by nearly 65 years of experience in providing precisely measured components to some of the largest companies in the ammunition industry.

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