10 - Sonic Boom Exploding Rimfire Targets

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  • Manufacturer Sonic Boom
  • Manufacturer SKU SBTRF

This is 10 Sonic Boom Exploding Rimfire Targets. Sonic Boom targets are non-hazardous,  non-toxic, and are very stable. These Binary Targets use a two part mixture, simply mix and shoot. The loud, chest thumping blast that these targets produce is comparable to a stick of dynamite! Sonic Boom Binary Exploding Rimfire Targets are to be used at no less than 25 yards, and can be shot with .22 LR 17gr. bullet traveling at 1000 fps., handguns, and shotguns. Sonic Boom Exploding Rimfire Targets are safe, legal, and fun. Please be safe when using this product, it is not a toy. 

Binary Exploding Target Restrictions: Must be 21 years old to purchase. Binary Exploding Targets are legal in some areas of the U.S. Please be aware of your local laws before ordering. We will not ship Binary Exploding Targets to the State of California.

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